Prostatic abscess

taken from Small Gland, Big Problem 4th Edition
by Professor Roger Kirby, Health Press 2011

Occasionally prostatitis with a bacterial cause can lead to the formation of an abscess within the prostate itself. If this is the case, your doctor may need to take a sample of fluid from the abscess and will do so using ultrasound for guidance (see pages 23 and 24). The sample can then be checked to see what type of bacteria has caused the infection, so that appropriate antibiotics can be given.

Abscesses sometimes have to be drained, which involves passing an instrument up through the penis under anaesthetic, making a small cut through to the abscess and then ‘nicking’ the abscess to allow pus to drain out. A course of antibiotics and a period of catheterization are also often necessary, as passing urine can be difficult or impossible because of the associated swelling.