Sexual function (ED)

Sexual function matters to men. A lot. Of all the fears and concerns our patients express when approaching treatment for their prostate condition, by far the most common relates to their sex life: “Will I still be able to perform?”

The prostate is a sexual organ – it produces the liquefying component of semen. So it’s hardly surprising that when trauma in the form of surgery or any other treatment for prostate disease occurs, it has an impact on your sexual function.

It’s also not surprising that psychological factors, relationship issues and other medical conditions can result in problems too. In fact heart disease, diabetes, and other lifestyle-related illnesses are the cause of the vast majority of impotence difficulties.

But we have ways of helping you.

Sex after surgery

At The Prostate Centre we run a very specific, pro-active programme of penile rehabilitation, which we encourage patients to embark on even before surgery (or other treatment) if possible, and continue for as long as necessary. We are, to the best of our knowledge, the only clinic where you will find this degree of support.

While the NHS has accepted in principle the obligation to help men with treatment-related erectile dysfunction (ED), the service is normally restricted to providing just a few pills a month.

Our patients benefit from the latest scientific thinking, which suggests that keeping penile tissue in working order while the nerves recover is essential to give the best possible chance of full recovery in the long-term. We set a plan for you, to include various drug therapies, mechanical aids and relationship counselling as required; then monitor your progress so that we can adjust your programme for best results.

This service is offered by our Therapist in Sexual Wellbeing, Lorraine Grover. Click here to book an appointment.

Sex and the heart

Just as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure etc can have an effect on your sexual function, conversely, ED can be an indicator of other, more dangerous diseases.

That’s why we think it’s vitally important to consider the whole picture. Our specialist in sexual function is also an expert in cardiovascular risk reduction, diabetes and the so-called “metabolic syndrome”.

So, if you consult him because you have a heart problem, he will want to ask questions about your sex life. If you consult him with ED, he will want to run some tests on your cardiovascular system. Then, drawing on the whole picture, he can instigate a treatment strategy for you – which could not only help your sex life, it could save your life!

This service is offered by our men’s health physician Professor Mike Kirby. Click here to book an appointment.

Surgical solution

If all else fails, there is usually the possibility to treat the mechanical difficulties by surgical means, inserting a prosthesis, or implant, into the penis. This gives a reliable means of gaining and maintaining an erection. It is highly specialised surgery and there are very few surgeons in the country who can perform it.

This service is offered by consultant urologist Mr Julian Shah. Click here to book an appointment.

ED and medical insurance

Unfortunately, investigations and treatment for erectile dysfunction are not likely to be covered by your medical insurance, so payment will be your responsibility.