Diet & lifestyle

Most of us could live longer, healthier lives. The stresses and strains of 21st Century living take their inevitable toll and we do little to help ourselves. Here at The Prostate Centre we believe passionately in the value of lifestyle modification which involves healthier nutrition, more exercise and a better work/life balance; reduction of stress at work and at home is also important.

Too much weight, especially around the central abdomen where it tends to settle in men, is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease (heart attack and stroke); it has also been implicated as a cause of both prostate cancer and BPH. We are very focused on helping our patients achieved appropriate weight reduction, especially ahead of surgery, because this really does reduce anaesthetic risk. It is amazing what one can achieve with one’s body when one’s mind is concentrated – and when an operation is on the horizon!

We encourage weight reduction in our patients by lifestyle modification, diet and exercise. We will put you in touch with nutritionists and fitness instructors if you wish.