Colon health

Colon cancer constitutes one of the major threats to health in men alongside prostate cancer and cardiovascular disease.

At the Prostate Centre we take colon cancer risk seriously and will ask you about any rectal bleeding and altered bowel habit. We can also have stool specimens tested to check for blood (special postal packs are available for direct and secure mailing to the laboratory).

If traces of blood are found, the next step is to have a colonoscopy – a means of screening the colon for polyps or small tumours by inspecting the mucosa of the colon with a camera, usually under light sedation. The polyps can be removed at the same time, and are sent off to the laboratory for analysis.

We work in close collaboration with the UK’s top colonoscopists at the London Clinic to ensure that this procedure is accomplished as safely and efficiently as possible. However, at another scanning centre nearby it is also possible to have a “virtual colonoscopy” which does not involve uncomfortable instruments.

Colonoscopy undertaken in response to symptoms or abnormal findings should be covered by your insurance policy. However, men wishing to have the investigation as part of their health screening will need to pay for it themselves.