Men’s health

We believe passionately that if you come to us with a prostate problem, we should not neglect your general health.

So often, a man who is of an age to have prostate disease – usually middle age and beyond – will also be suffering, whether he knows it or not, from some other disorder that comes with modern living. Ironically, for many men it is their high blood pressure, heart disease, undiagnosed diabetes, stress, excess weight, smoking and lack of exercise that will lead to disaster before their prostate does.

That’s why we routinely look out for these things when you are referred to us, and why we run thorough blood tests, perform pre-anaesthetic assessments (including ECG, or heart trace) if you are to have an operation, and try to motivate changes in your lifestyle to help you reverse any undesirable effects on your health.

Of course we offer basic prostate health checks to men who simply want to make sure that all is well in that department. We also offer a more comprehensive “executive” health check, with the focus nevertheless firmly on the prostate. But there’s a difference between these “men’s health” screens and our wider agenda to ensure your safety when you are a patient of ours.

No amount of testing can rule out conclusively any untoward event in the future. But we do know that, thanks to our approach, many men have been spared the trauma and inconvenience of facing an unexpected major crisis.

Professor Roger Kirby and his brother Professor Mike Kirby have shared a lifelong determination to raise awareness of men’s health issues and to try to narrow the gap that exists between the male and female average age of death. Their book “Men’s Health’, now in its third edition, serves as a manual for doctors in urology and other specialties to encourage a wider approach to the patients in their care.