Urine tests

A small sample of urine, occasionally (as in the PCA3) after a short prostate massage, can tell us a lot about your health. The analysis of a specimen of urine indicates the presence of blood, sugar and, most importantly, infection.

Urine culture (MSU)

This is an important test to check for urinary infection, which will need treating before any urological procedure is performed. A small sample of your urine is sent off to the laboratory for culture and analysis. It takes a couple of days to grow the culture, but the results can tell us specifically which antibiotics the bacteria will respond to and which ones would be ineffective.

Urine cytology

If you have found blood in your urine, we‘ll ask you for a sample which we will send off to a specialist pathology laboratory. Under a microscope, it will be examined for any sign of cancerous cells (usually from the bladder). The results should be available within a day.. If the test is positive, it will be necessary to look inside the bladder (cystoscopy) to check for bladder tumours.