Blood tests

As part of our “safety culture” we believe it’s important to check a full range of blood tests on the majority of our new patients. If you have had comprehensive blood tests recently, please let us know as nobody wants unnecessary duplication. Blood test results are normally available within a few hours, except for a limited number which may require several days in the laboratory.

Individual blood tests

Prostate specific antigen (PSA) is naturally central to what we do at the Centre, so we will always ask to recheck that. We also routinely look at the ratio of “free to total” PSA, which gives us extra information about the likelihood of benign or malignant prostatic disease and the possible need for prostate ultrasound and biopsy. Find out more information about the PSA test.

Before any operation is performed, a clotting screen is requested to exclude the possibility of a coagulation defect that might result in excessive bleeding at the time of surgery. This means you will need to come to the Centre for this test prior to surgery, even if other comprehensive blood tests have been done already.

According to need, we can take blood for virtually any individual test. Testosterone, for example, can be useful in diagnosing testicular cancers as well as explaining infertility. Often, the cause of an unexplained illness or symptom can be revealed by a carefully selected blood test.

Prostate Centre profiles

Our own Prostate Centre Profiles (PCP) give us important insights into your general health which may have a bearing on your diagnosis or treatment.

PCP1 combines the PSA test with a lipid profile (cholesterol, trygycerides).

PCP2 gives us a much fuller picture. In addition to the PSA and lipid profile, it can identify a range of abnormalities such as kidney, liver and thyroid function, gout, pre-diabetes, anaemia and calcium imbalance,. It is important for us to know about any concurrent problems when planning your treatment.

PCP3 is our cardiovascular risk assessment profile and includes four highly specific blood tests

PCP4 combines the PCP2 and PCP3 for the most comprehensive check and forms the basis for our “well-man” health screening (Prostate PLUS+ Executive Men’s Health Check).