Your first visit

You’ll need to fill in some forms on arrival, so please make sure you come with full details of your GP, other relevant specialists and of course your insurance. One of our nursing team will have a preliminary chat with you, noting your medical history and current problems, before you meet your specialist.

Patients with prostate trouble will probably be asked to perform a urinary flow test, and you must have a full bladder for this. So it’s best not to go to the WC the minute you arrive! If you begin to feel uncomfortable, just let us know.

Sometimes the doctor will ask for tests to be arranged in advance of the consultation, in which case the nurse will take samples of blood and/or urine eg for PSA, cholesterol etc. (You will need to have fasted for about 12 hours beforehand if you are having a cholesterol test.)

Any further tests will be carried out by a nurse or doctor, and depending on your condition may include further blood/urine tests, an ECG, ultrasound studies etc. We wouldn’t want to repeat tests unnecessarily, so please let us know if you have had any of these recently.

You can expect to have a physical examination. This will involve a digital rectal examination, where the prostate gland is felt by the doctor with a gloved finger while you lie on your side. Most men prefer to undergo this examination in private, so if someone has come with you we will normally ask them to leave the room while it is performed. However, if you would like them to stay with you, or indeed if you would like another of our staff to be present, please let us know.