Reviewing your options

Once all your results are in, you’ll want to discuss them with one of our specialists or nursing team, either by telephone or at a follow-up consultation. You will be given a full explanation of potential treatment options, the decision-making process being a joint undertaking between you, your family and your specialist.

We hold regular multidisciplinary team meetings to discuss the management of many of our cases, which should give you an extra level of safety and confidence.

This is the time when it’s often a good idea to see other members of the Prostate Centre team. For example, you may want to learn about the help we can give with sexual rehabilitation after your operation, or how to cope with potential incontinence. If you’re scheduled for surgery we may arrange for you to meet your anaesthetist for instructions on how to help yourself prepare.

We will never pressurise you into embarking on any course unless and until you are happy with it. If you want a second opinion we know who best to refer you to, in the UK or overseas. Every so often we pick up on other problems you didn’t know you had, in which case we can refer you to a top specialist in the relevant field, many of whom we know personally.