Fees and insurance

We like to think our services and facilities are “five-star”. However, you will be reassured to know that the majority of our clinical charges are agreed with, and covered by, the major UK-based healthcare insurers, so that subject to any limitations on your policy, these fees should be fully reimbursable. Please be sure to contact your insurer prior to your visit and obtain the necessary pre-authorisation, failing which you will be asked to settle your account on the day of attendance.

Insured fees

If you are insured and would like us to send our invoices direct to your insurer, you must provide all your membership details, pre-authorisation numbers and evidence of any excess or limitation which applies to your policy. Any shortfall, for whatever reason, must remain your liability. We regret that we are unable to deal direct with any overseas insurer.

Patients paying for their own treatment will be expected to settle their fees on the day of attendance. Cheques (drawn on a British bank account only), debit cards, Visa/Mastercard, American Express, cash and travellers’ cheques are all accepted forms of payment.

It is very important that you should understand the cost of any tests that are recommended by your consultant, so please ask for these to be explained in advance to avoid any misunderstanding or difficulty.

Insured patients should be aware that their insurer is unlikely to pay for all the services we provide. Medical insurance policies do not usually provide cover for problems relating to sexual function, for example, or advice on nutrition, or pre-operative health assessments and other consultations with an anaesthetist. Health screens, including our Prostate and Prostate+PLUS health checks, are never covered by insurance. All such sessions must be paid for on the day of attendance, as must any take-home medication from our Pharmacy.

Operation fees

The Prostate Centre does not submit invoices for operations. You should contact your surgeon or one of our Patient Liaison team to enquire about costs, insurance eligibility and payment policy. You’ll find that top specialists may charge fees over and above the levels set by some insurers – sometimes by a considerable amount. We will therefore inform you of the relevant fees in time for you to decide whether or not to proceed, and would strongly urge you to ascertain the level of cover to which you are entitled, including cover for the hospital you choose, before committing to treatment.

We shall be happy to process your insurance claim forms, so please bring these with you, with the patient’s section completed and signed, when you attend. You can ask to speak to one of our Patient Liaison team if you would like further clarification on any account issues.

Cancellation policy
Please be aware that we require 24 hours notice of any cancellation, otherwise a fee of £100 will apply.