New journal aims to narrow health-gender gap

A new journal has recently been launched, edited by a multidisciplinary team headed up by Prof Roger Kirby. Trends in Urology and Men’s Health focuses on issues that affect men’s health in particular, such as prostate disease, genitourinary medicine, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

We know that men die earlier than women; they consult their GPs less often and generally pay less attention to their health. There are no national screening programmes for men, and no regular consultations driven by family planning or pregnancy; as a result, there are fewer opportunities for healthcare professionals to address and support men’s health issues.

A sister journal to the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI), Trends is aimed mainly at healthcare professionals who are concerned with men’s health. The central campaigning message is “to reduce premature deaths in men, and improve quality of life for all”.

Prof Kirby says: “We are determined to help to close the gender gap. Our new journal will run features on new technologies, professional development, and negotiation and skills alongside evidence-based clinical guidance, better patient information and strategies for promoting active involvement of patients in their own healthcare”.

For links to interesting and relevant items for our patients, visit the website:

Copies are available in our Resources room, so next time you’re at the Centre, have a read!

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