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How does robotic radical prostatectomy help to reduce side effects and complications?

By Mr Ben Challacombe

The da Vinci Si HD robot is the most advanced robot ever to be used in robotic radical prostatectomy. We are among the first – one of only two private clinics in the UK – to offer prostate cancer patients the latest state-of-the-art technology in prostate cancer surgery. The da Vinci Si HD robot removes the cancerous gland via four to six small perforations through the patient’s abdomen. With the robot carefully controlled by the surgeon, who is seated in the same room but away from the patient at a console, the operation can be carried out with minute precision.

The upgraded model will be used to treat men who are in good general health, aged under 75 (depending on the individual) and whose cancer is localised to the prostate gland.

The advantages of this new system permits an even more precise operation for the patient which helps to achieve the best possible outcome in terms of cancer control, continence and potency. This upgraded robot allows for a safer, quicker and more accurate operation for our patients.”

NB: Mr Ben Challacombe is the youngest surgeon in the UK to undertake a prostatectomy using the latest Si HD robot.

For more information about this prostate cancer treatment option, please visit our robotic radical prostatectomy page.

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