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Does CyberKnife improve outcomes for prostate cancer?

By Dr Katharine Pigott

Sterotactic radiotherapy using CyberKnife has been used for several years for the treatment of early stage prostate cancer. However there are no long term survival results available yet to show it is equivalent to surgery, radiotherapy or other forms of focal treatment. We can not say at this stage it therefore improves outcomes.

The attraction of the procedure is that it is an outpatient based treatment. The treatment is vastly shorter than standard radiotherapy. One week treatment compared to between 4-7 weeks of radiotherapy treatment. Less invasive than surgery with faster recovery period.

A number of machines have been installed in the UK, including one patients have access to at The Prostate Centre, nearby at The London Clinic. We will be looking to set up studies in the near future to address whether CyberKnife can improve the outcome for prostate cancer.

If you are interested in exploring this prostate cancer treatment option further, please visit our CyberKnife page.

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