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LBC radio DJ Nick Ferrari has PSA blood test taken live on air

The Prostate Centre is encouraging men to know their number – the PSA test measures levels of a substance in the blood (Prostate Specific Antigen) that can signal a problem in the prostate. The PSA test is a simple blood test that gives an indication of a man’s risk of having prostate cancer. Nick Ferrari had a prostate exam in 2007, so a few years on – and on the back of the launch of Blue September in the UK, a month long campaign designed to raise awareness of male cancers – it is now an time to revisit his prostate.

As both a man and prostate cancer expert, Professor Roger Kirby, Director and founder of The Prostate Centre in London, (who will be calling in with the results of Nick Ferrari’s test on Thursday morning) believes that it is imperative for men take a more active role in monitoring their healthcare.

Professor Kirby said: “Not enough at-risk men in the UK are aware of what a PSA test actually is, let alone have been referred for one. As a result, it could be denying British men a vital lifeline. Early detection of prostate cancer means that the disease can be actively managed, significantly reducing the likelihood of surgery and the cancer becoming fatal.”

Watch Prostate Nurse Specialist Kate Holmes taking Nick Ferrari’s blood live on air at the LBC studios:

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