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Lloyd Webber in the Lords: a question of PSA

During question time in the House of Lords yesterday, Lord Lloyd Webber, who had a robot-assisted prostate operation, called for all men over the age of 50 to have a PSA test for prostate cancer. He said “The charity Prostate UK reckons that 10,000 men a year die needlessly (from) prostate cancer”.

While recognising the limitations of the PSA (prostate specific antigen) test, he requested that “all men over the age of 50 should have the PSA test and GPs should be encouraged to encourage them to do so”.

In response to Lord Lloyd Webber’s question, the Health Minister Earl Howe said that the Department of Health had written to primary care trusts last year “to remind them that any man without symptoms of prostate cancer who wishes to have a PSA test is entitled to have one”.

Watch the debate below:

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