Why we’re different

From the moment you walk through the door to a warm and friendly welcome, you’ll notice the difference. You have just become part of the team.


  • The Prostate Centre is about far more than just prostate surgery: in fact, over 75 per cent of the patients we see never actually need an operation. And it’s our mission to improve men’s health, as well as treat their prostate problems.
  • We don’t just treat patients: we involve them in the thought process. We encourage them to ask questions and challenge things, even referring them elsewhere for a second opinion if they wish.
  • We do things differently: patients say our Centre feels more like a club than a clinic. We are the UK’s only private centre to focus 100 per cent on prostate problems and men’s health.

At The Prostate Centre we all work as an integrated team – doctors, nurses, management and administrative staff – to make your visits as pleasant and efficient as we can. Our specialists combine their individual skills and expertise to help you discover what’s wrong; to help you decide on the best way forward, to help you undergo treatment with the minimum of discomfort and disruption to your life; and to deal with any problems along the way. We are also focused on inspiring the lifestyle changes that will help to keep you healthy in the future.

It’s nothing like the traditional model of private healthcare, where you’d expect to be looked after by just one consultant – and it’s a world away from the NHS. With us, you’ll become a Prostate Centre patient, and be part of the team yourself. Our philosophy is truly “holistic”: no matter who you’re referred to initially, you’ll have access to a range of specialists, each with their own area of expertise.

We’ll work with you every step of the way, making sure you feel completely informed, involved and in control. And we’ll expect to see you back – for follow-up; for assistance with future health issues; and maybe even for social events related to the charities we help such as Prostate Cancer UK  and the The Urological Foundation (TUF).