Patient testimonials

So many of our patients have taken the trouble to write to us in appreciation of various aspects of their experience at The Prostate Centre, and you will find excerpts of these on many pages of this website, in addition to those below.

First, though, a note about confidentiality. Not every man is happy for the world to know that he has prostate problems. Some are – and are keen to spread the word that prostate disorders need to be given wider publicity and better availability of treatment. They have given their permission for us to use their photographs and letters, attributed to them personally. Those who understandably wish to remain anonymous appear unattributed. You can, of course, ask to see our file of testimonials at any time.

Many thanks for the attention you gave me during my time in London – my swift recovery is clearly down to the high level of care I received from you and the team and I am very grateful for that.

Roderick Gray, patient

Your clinic and dedicated team were just what I needed after returning home after five months away from my family and friends trying to mull over things and making my own medical arrangements and trying to form decisions by myself.

Roderick Stacey, patient.

Just a wee note to thank you very much for effecting such a speedy scan for me at 32 Wimpole Street. It was a very comfortable, cosy experience, I must say, I loved the premises, very confidence building and everything… Thank you for the trouble, and all the ladies of the premises are quite darling.

Ronnie Corbett, OBE, patient.

Just a short message to tell you how grateful Laura and I are for your care, attention and kindness. Within twenty four hours of having the catheter removed, virtually all side-effects from the operation has disappeared. It is quite surreal – I sometimes feel as if I haven’t experienced the surgery at all. I found the girls in your Centre to be wonderful – attentive and extremely helpful.

I dreaded having the catheter removed but experienced no discomfort whatsoever when Tina removed it. All in all, it wasn’t the worst experience in my life. My thoughts before it were substantially worse than the experience itself.

With you and all of your team’s help Laura and I got through this trauma with ease. Thanks again.

Sam Plotnikoff, patient.

The Prostate Centre is definitely ‘team orientated’ and every one of the team has made an effort to make us feel cared for a very efficiently looked after. It is particularly nice to have all the services/facilities under one roof.

Sir Saxon Tate, patient.

Your staff at The Prostate Centre are all a credit to you and are lovely caring people… I count myself as being most fortunate to be in the care of The Prostate Centre, and would also express thanks to your staff there for the thoroughly professional and caring approach they have taken.

Stephen Dale, patient.

I would like to extend my thanks to your fantastic team that made me feel relaxed and reassured.

Steven Collins, patient.

Now that I am on the road to recovery from my recent illness I wanted to write and express my thanks and gratitude for your professionalism and expertise.

Throughout the whole period of treatment with you I have been fortunate enough to feel entirely in experienced and utterly competent hands. This also has to be applied to your entire staff at The Prostate Centre. Their attention to detail, comforting methods of working and friendly style are a real credit to you.

I am grateful to have been lucky enough to have crossed your path and shall feel continuously indebted to you.

Vic Farrow, patient.

I am really impressed by all your team and, of course, your handling of my prostate problems and I am glad to say I now seem to be on the mend.

My family and I are truly grateful.

W.J.C. Taylor, patient.