Patient testimonials

So many of our patients have taken the trouble to write to us in appreciation of various aspects of their experience at The Prostate Centre, and you will find excerpts of these on many pages of this website, in addition to those below.

First, though, a note about confidentiality. Not every man is happy for the world to know that he has prostate problems. Some are – and are keen to spread the word that prostate disorders need to be given wider publicity and better availability of treatment. They have given their permission for us to use their photographs and letters, attributed to them personally. Those who understandably wish to remain anonymous appear unattributed. You can, of course, ask to see our file of testimonials at any time.

I was very pleased to see Mr Farrow and his wife in my clinic on 29th March.

They were also both delighted with the news that you gave him about complete excision of the prostate cancer. His mild incontinence is already improving, and I am sure in the fullness of time he will be fully continent.

I want to express my thanks for your prompt attention to this man when he first presented to you.

Mr John Makunde, Consultant Urologist

I just had to write and thank you for the wonderful way you looked after KW yesterday. Your whole team were absolute stars and were exceedingly kind when organising his admission and fees. He could not sing your praises more loudly and he felt that he had been given the gold standard service.

GP, Harley Street.

The Prostate Centre has been a a tremendous help for the likes of me needing ongoing attention. I am beginning to feel it is a ‘second home’ and what a delightful one, it is so airy, clean, friendly and with the best brains in the business.

Patient (name withheld).

My wife and I have had a full share of hospital experiences. I wish to express appreciation of how you and Peter and your organisation have given me such a good experience.

Patient (name withheld).

You certainly have an impressive operation there and it is an example to Harley Street/Wimpole Street for people to see what can be done to improve integrated diagnostics through innovation, efficiency and professionalism.

Patient (name withheld).

Although I must admit I was a little nervous prior to coming to London, next time I will feel a whole lot better knowing that everyone is so kind and understanding.

Charlie Thomson. Patient.

I would like to offer you my thanks for the new confidence I have following my inspired visit to your Centre. It was so reassuring to have such a positive visit.

Patient (name withheld).

My total TURP experience with you has been exceptional. Ten years ago I had a TURP which was a protracted and painful experience: this time I had no pain at all. You visited me three times each day, and Peter visited me each day and spoke to me on the phone, Your Prostate Centre staff were all kind and efficient, and patient with me when I had anxieties.

Patient (name withheld)

Many thanks for getting me to see Heather Payne this afternoon. Feel good after a chat with her – another star member of your team.

Andrew Etherington. Patient.

Please pass on my thanks to Dr Rickards who put me at ease prior to the biopsy with his dry sense of humour which helped to ease the stress and nerves.

David Burnetts. Patient.